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The Future of Farming

At Sinteras, we believe the future of food production is clean and sustainable.  Our produce is fully non-GMO, grown without using any pesticides.  We grow all our food indoors, where we provide the optimal conditions to create the freshest, most flavorful produce possible, all while using 95% less water and land than traditional farming methods.

Typically, most of the greens we eat are shipped thousands of miles across the country where they sit on grocery store shelves, often for days before making it to our plate.  By time it reaches your kitchen, it has already lost days off it's shelf life and a majority of its nutritional value.  By growing these greens locally we can deliver the freshest, most nutritional produce that lasts longer.    

Sinteras is a new concept in urban farming for South Florida.  The tropical climate presents many challenges to traditional farmers in the region.  The high temperatures and intense sunlight make growing greens outdoors nearly impossible.  It is our aim to create the largest indoor hydroponic farm in South Florida, helping to supply our communities with the freshest local produce.       

Our company is in its early stages, just starting to make strides with growing great food.  Follow our blog updates and social media pages to keep up-to-date with our latest developments.  We hope to be providing you soon with the highest quality greens and microgreens.

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